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Goals for 2015: Updated

In a few weeks, 2014 will be over, and for many, it marks the time for a fresh start, a new benchmark to being achieving their goals, and those pesky New Year Resolutions. The year 2015 is particularly important to … Continue reading

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Progress of New Website, and How It Will Influence My Blog

I’m about halfway done with building my personal website, and one of the cool things I’ll have is a direct feed from my blog onto each page, based on content. Eventually, I will combine it all into one site but … Continue reading

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Why Poker is More Like Football (And Life) Than One May Realize

With the World Series of Poker beginning soon, I’m ¬†always curious as to how people view the game of poker. The more you know about the game, the more you realize that it’s not just a form of “gambling”. In … Continue reading

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