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Goals for 2015: Updated

In a few weeks, 2014 will be over, and for many, it marks the time for a fresh start, a new benchmark to being achieving their goals, and those pesky New Year Resolutions. The year 2015 is particularly important to … Continue reading

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Progress of New Website, and How It Will Influence My Blog

I’m about halfway done with building my personal website, and one of the cool things I’ll have is a direct feed from my blog onto each page, based on content. Eventually, I will combine it all into one site but … Continue reading

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Why Poker is More Like Football (And Life) Than One May Realize

With the World Series of Poker beginning soon, I’m  always curious as to how people view the game of poker. The more you know about the game, the more you realize that it’s not just a form of “gambling”. In … Continue reading

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