My First Potential Forum Troll: What Do I Do?

Greetings WordPress blogging friends,


Recently, I posted a discussion thread on Createspace to get feedback on the updates to my book, which features a new blurb and paperback cover. Within an hour, I received a message. You can see the thread for yourself (I think) here:

If you don’t want to pull up the link, I’ll give you the executive summary: He found a typo in my Author Bio, and referred to it as a “glaring error”. What was the error? I had said “His (referring to myself as the bio writer, which is weird to me) interests are many in varied…” as opposed to “and varied”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a does a simple mix-up of a preposition qualify as a glaring error? To make matters more interesting, he explains that he didn’t even bother to look inside the sample because he wasn’t a golf fan. But, instead of simply saying that, he decided to spell out the severely antiquated acronym of GOLF (for those who don’t know, it’s Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden). I’m sorry, but when did I even ask about his own feminist agenda? Wouldn’t “I’m not a golf fan” be enough?

What really pisses me off is I looked into his published work, and guess what? He doesn’t have any yet. He has a couple books that are supposed to be published this month, but this means nothing to me. The supreme irony of all this is one of my more popular, recent posts, involved me explaining that content is far more valuable than having perfect spelling, syntax, and grammar.

My instincts are conflicted, because on one side I want to tell him something along the lines of “when you can actually publish a book and have it sell to people outside of your social circle, then you can start nitpicking my simple errors.” At the same time, I really care about my writing, and the integrity involved in my craft. In other words, HELP! Your input would be greatly appreciated. If you could, explain a time some random person castigated you online for something trivial or ad hominem, and how did you handle it. Thanks in advance!

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Nevada resident who splits time between Las Vegas and Phoenix. I'm a former professional golfer turned author, freelance writer, and blogger.
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