Both editions revised, and a new paperback cover?

Happy Sunday Readers,

I decided to take the time to revise and edit my recently published book. Now that the manuscript is polished (at least as well as I’m willing to polish it), the book is now ready to go without any more revisions, unless it’s an updated version with new material, testimonials, etc. If you check it out, you’ll notice that there are now two different covers.


As much as I’d like to take credit for wanting to make the paperback unique, it was 100% out of necessity. When I went to upload the new manuscript, the previous photo was flagged for not having a high enough dpi or resolution. In all honesty, I like the new one; the sunset blends fairly well with the rest of the color scheme. Give me your opinion, and if you know about someone who loves golf, tell them about my book! In the comments below, tell me about a time you had to chance a project out of necessity, yet it came out better than before!

You can see the new paperback here:

I’m extremely grateful for everyone who reads this blog. A million thanks to all of you!

About mikeguillenblog

Nevada resident who splits time between Las Vegas and Phoenix. I'm a former professional golfer turned author, freelance writer, and blogger.
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