My Minimalist Experience Part One: Moving for $100 or Less

Recently, a friend of mine in Phoenix had moved from an apartment in the Northwest to one in the Southeast suburbs. I had just moved back from Reno a few days before her move was complete, and said to me, “Ugh, moving sucks! I don’t know how you can do it so often!” To which I replied:

“It’s easy when your entire life’s possessions fits into a midsize car.”

I understand how difficult it can be to get rid of material wealth. In 2010, I did so rather involuntarily, which is a story I’ll tell one day. Since that time, however, living with fewer and fewer possessions has become easier. And there are features of a minimalist lifestyle, especially if you live or aspire to live a fairly nomadic lifestyle, that are far cheaper than one could imagine.

For example, in the last 8 months I had moved from Las Vegas, to Reno, and back to Las Vegas, and each trip cost more than $100. Did I mention that I don’t own a car (more on why in another post) and possess enough goods that would cost more than $100 just in baggage or shipping fees alone?

This is, hopefully, the first in a series of posts dedicated to enlighten those who have considered a nomadic lifestyle, or wonder how and why it’s a much freer way to live.


About mikeguillenblog

Nevada resident who splits time between Las Vegas and Phoenix. I'm a former professional golfer turned author, freelance writer, and blogger.
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