Goals Revisited

Last year I tried to set certain goals to complete by the end of 2015. In short, it failed. Although I did accomplish many of the things I set out to do, it wasn’t at the scale that I intended do complete. After thinking about it, and remembering some of the guidelines from the Four Hour Work Week, I’ve decided to do something different. While goals are helpful, it’s often how they’re framed that determines how or if they’ll be achieved. I will be dividing goals into two groups: results oriented and non-results oriented. The former will be defined with short deadlines, while the others will be done regardless of the results.

Short-term defined goals:

Come up with three recipes for new cookbook

Volunteer at least one hour for a charity

Write one blog post a week.

Longer-term goals:

Play 1000 hands of cash game poker online each month, regardless of outcome.

Make one sports wager a week for six months and keep a tally of the results.


Often times, reaching goals is less about winning or losing than it is putting in the time and learning from mistakes. I hope to keep everyone posted on the progress of these goals as time goes on.


What kind of goals do you have this year?



About mikeguillenblog

Nevada resident who splits time between Las Vegas and Phoenix. I'm a former professional golfer turned author, freelance writer, and blogger.
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