Some Thoughts on Choices

There are many times, when I’m lying in bed or sitting at my desk, where I’ll ponder about the many choices I have made, and that are necessary of everyone to make in life. The biggest misconception in life are that there is a distinct line between “right” and “wrong” choices. While there are a few exceptions, most of them are obvious, especially when one’s life is in danger, but the line, for the most part, is arbitrary.

We’re all guilty of it in some manner or another. What’s easy to ignore is that many choices don’t seem bad or good until after a consequence occurs that may or may not have been forseeable; they (choice and consequence) may not even be correlated.

Despite what many “experts” will tell you, we live in a world of incomplete information; what may be deemed as a “bad” choice may not be necessarily so; context matters in a complex world. There are no “obvious” choices, and living a life in which you look for those opportunities is a waste of time.

It’s easy for people to forget that much of what happens to us is a matter of luck, and all we can do as individuals is make the best out of whatever situation we may encounter.

This concept has caused many ongoing feuds with people whom I have been close with in the past, some for many years. What I have learned most from this experience is that most people cannot comprehend an existence outside their own experience(s). Those who have been in the gutter before understand what I’m talking about.

What’s so interesting is my life’s choices are not bad, in my opinion: I have many things that I’m passionate about, and work towards providing value for others using those tools; I work just enough to make ends meet, because I want to have free time to enjoy life, rather than work full-time doing something I hate just to do what’s considered “honorable”. I don’t put any emphasis on material goods. I don’t own a car, because it’s a royal pain-in-the-ass, and am waiting until I can afford one without it being more than a small fraction of my expenses. These choices are accepted by the select few in this world that choose to not play the game that the powers that be try to sucker us into playing.

Until this year, I tried to get those who didn’t understand to do so; now, I embrace those who accept what I do, and give as little mental energy (with the goal of giving none someday) to those who don’t.

I  chose to walk my own path because I have the option to do so. It’s the same option we all have.


About mikeguillenblog

Nevada resident who splits time between Las Vegas and Phoenix. I'm a former professional golfer turned author, freelance writer, and blogger.
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