What is Value?

It’s been my experience that far too often, the word “value” is commonly viewed as a synonym for “money”. While these terms can be substituted for each other in certain circumstances, those instances are the exception rather than the rule. Providing value for others can lead to opportunities to make money, but someone can have a lot of money and not necessarily provide value to others. An example? Any Ponzi scheme facilitator is a perfect model for how having a lot of money comes at the expense of abusing other’s trust.

What does this mean for individuals? Don’t do things simply for the purpose of adding to your net worth. Do things of substance, things that make others happier. Everything else will flow from that.

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First Ever Post From a Smartphone

If there’s one excuse I have to learn to get away from when it comes to writing, and especially blog posting, it’s the thinking that unless I’m at my laptop, I can’t/shouldn’t write.
Typing on my phone is by no means easy, but ideas an observations almost never arrive when it’s convenient.Since I’m terrible at keeping a pen handy, let alone something to write on, the smartphone is my next best option. Even though my laptop is sitting right next to me, I decided that today would be the day I demonstrate to myself that there’s zero reason I can’t post something to share with my followers.
After all, convenience and necessity rarely co-exist.
What necessary (yet difficult/inconvenient) obstacles are you trying to overcome in 2017? Please share in the comments below.

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From Amateur to Professional

Of all the changes in my life during the year 2016, it was the shift from occasional blogger to professional author and writer that has been the most profound. It has been the most incredible experience to take my ideas, put them in writing, polish them, and share them for purchase. It’s an incredible experience to see that someone is willing to spend their money, no matter how little, on something you created and have it be valuable for them.

2017 will be a year of challenging myself to see how much better I can get at marketing my ideas for purchase and stretch my creativity to its limits. What plans do you have to try and grow during this new year? Share them in the comments below.


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2016 Summary: Why It’s Important that I Blog Everyday in 2017

If there’s one thing that has shifted dramatically in the year 2016, it is going from amateur writer to professional. One thing I have learned is how vital it is that I write, and share, and publish, as often as possible. It is my goal to have at least one thing to share on this blog every day in 2017. It’s the first time I’m giving myself permission to not worry so much about having long, well thought posts and just focus on providing something, anything readers can find valuable or intriguing.

Do you have any writing goals for the next year? Share them in the comments below.

Happy holidays everyone!

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First ever podcast interview!

Good morning everyone,

About a month ago, a golf coach and new podcast host in Las Vegas found my book Professional Golf for the Rest of Us at the retail shop that has had it on display. We contacted each other, and he invited me to be a guest on his podcast. I agreed, and as of yesterday that podcast is now available for streaming and download!

You can find it by going to golfcoachpodcast.com or go to my specific episode by clicking here:

If you do listen to the podcast, please leave a comment on here telling me what you thought!


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Second Book in Progress, and YOU can be a part of it!

Good afternoon fellow bloggers,

For those who have followed recently, you’ll know that my first book has been published for a couple weeks now. Writing books is fun, and I’ve been eager to get back into writing another one right away. This second project will be about the steps I take to go from complete inaction in the game of golf, overcome my anxieties and play my first professional tournaments in over eight years. Oh yeah, and I’m doing all of this in a time frame of 12 weeks.

The book is titled: The Twelve Week Comeback

How can you get involved? I’m currently running a Kickstarter campaign which you can find here. Everyone who pledges at least a dollar will have access to updates on my progress. And, the more you pledge, the more cool perks you’ll have access to. This includes: Signed copies of the book, an Acknowledgement in the final book, and, probably what is most cool, a chance to watch me play one (or more) tournaments via live stream! I’ll be bringing along a friend who will be streaming via Periscope all 18 holes, as well as the warm up, while I will be providing commentary and analysis throughout the stream! This alone should be a great deal of fun. Please spread the word about this campaign; it’d be incredible if we can make this happen! Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!

Again, here’s the full link to my campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1768147789/the-twelve-week-comeback

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My First Potential Forum Troll: What Do I Do?

Greetings WordPress blogging friends,


Recently, I posted a discussion thread on Createspace to get feedback on the updates to my book, which features a new blurb and paperback cover. Within an hour, I received a message. You can see the thread for yourself (I think) here:


If you don’t want to pull up the link, I’ll give you the executive summary: He found a typo in my Author Bio, and referred to it as a “glaring error”. What was the error? I had said “His (referring to myself as the bio writer, which is weird to me) interests are many in varied…” as opposed to “and varied”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a does a simple mix-up of a preposition qualify as a glaring error? To make matters more interesting, he explains that he didn’t even bother to look inside the sample because he wasn’t a golf fan. But, instead of simply saying that, he decided to spell out the severely antiquated acronym of GOLF (for those who don’t know, it’s Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden). I’m sorry, but when did I even ask about his own feminist agenda? Wouldn’t “I’m not a golf fan” be enough?

What really pisses me off is I looked into his published work, and guess what? He doesn’t have any yet. He has a couple books that are supposed to be published this month, but this means nothing to me. The supreme irony of all this is one of my more popular, recent posts, involved me explaining that content is far more valuable than having perfect spelling, syntax, and grammar.

My instincts are conflicted, because on one side I want to tell him something along the lines of “when you can actually publish a book and have it sell to people outside of your social circle, then you can start nitpicking my simple errors.” At the same time, I really care about my writing, and the integrity involved in my craft. In other words, HELP! Your input would be greatly appreciated. If you could, explain a time some random person castigated you online for something trivial or ad hominem, and how did you handle it. Thanks in advance!

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Both editions revised, and a new paperback cover?

Happy Sunday Readers,

I decided to take the time to revise and edit my recently published book. Now that the manuscript is polished (at least as well as I’m willing to polish it), the book is now ready to go without any more revisions, unless it’s an updated version with new material, testimonials, etc. If you check it out, you’ll notice that there are now two different covers.


As much as I’d like to take credit for wanting to make the paperback unique, it was 100% out of necessity. When I went to upload the new manuscript, the previous photo was flagged for not having a high enough dpi or resolution. In all honesty, I like the new one; the sunset blends fairly well with the rest of the color scheme. Give me your opinion, and if you know about someone who loves golf, tell them about my book! In the comments below, tell me about a time you had to chance a project out of necessity, yet it came out better than before!

You can see the new paperback here: http://www.createspace.com/6404106

I’m extremely grateful for everyone who reads this blog. A million thanks to all of you!

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There are typos and errors in my first book; Why are they still there?

It’s been a week since I published my first book on Amazon, and while it’s been a slow process to get word out, I decided to read through it over the weekend. Come to find out, there are at least six small, but noticeable, errors, either in typos or other grammatical errors. I could very easily pull up the file, fix every error I found, re-submit the file to be published, and within a day or two, it’ll be completely fixed. But, I’m deciding to leave them there until the time comes to write an updated version.


There are, I’m sure, many people out there who are fully capable of writing a book and publishing their work for the world to see. It’s far too common, unfortunately, that people simply don’t. Often times, especially in my instance, it’s paralysis by analysis; constantly revising and updating the manuscript until it’s absolutely perfect. The problem is “perfect” never happens. I’ve read hundreds of books, many of them bestsellers; it’s a daunting task to find one that doesn’t have some kind of error, no matter how small.

What I’ve learned about writing and publishing my own work is that the message  is far more important than having perfect syntax, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. As long as your message is clear, concise, and easily understood, you’ve accomplished 90% of what matters.

There will be those that nitpick every error, and point it out to you. Chances are they haven’t published anything in their life, so don’t bother listening to them about the minutiae.

Everyone has a unique story that many people would love to read and learn about. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

I now have an Amazon Author page: amazon.com/author/mikeguillen. All of my books will now be available through this link.

In the Comments, feel free to share an instance where you felt nervous about putting your work out for the world to see, but did it anyway. How did it feel before and after?

Have a great week everyone!


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New Book Published

Good Morning Everyone!


I’m really excited to announce that my first book has now been published on Amazon! This has been a dream come true for me, and I hope my followers enjoy it too! After many months of figuring out the kind of book I wanted to write, it finally came together.


It’s titled: Professional Golf for the Rest of Us.

While the title may seem like it’s directed towards aspiring professionals only, any golfer, or anyone related to a golfer, will enjoy reading this book. You can find the Kindle edition Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IPLXJN0 and the print-on-demand paperback version Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1535172045

Thanks so much for supporting this blog. If you do happen to purchase and read the book, please let me know what you think of it!

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